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Learning in the Physical Environment

The learning environment plays an important role in the development of children. All children develop at their own pace regardless of age, abilities and strengths.

Why We Should be Helping Our Children to Build Their Emotional Intelligence

In 2015 Disney Pixar released a children’s film titled “Inside Out”. Like most of our favorite Disney films, Inside Out was full of laughable moments, relatable characters and spectacular animations.

What Age Should Children be Allowed Social Media Accounts?

Generation Z are also known as the iPad generation, they are the first generation never to have experienced life in a pre-internet world. This means that they will never have unanswered questions, they have access to a range of different cultures, languages, histories, ideologies and perspectives all at their fingertips.

Physical Activity for Children - How Much is Enough?

I remember frequently being told by my parents when younger, “you should be outside getting some fresh air and playing” My thought was they were trying to get rid of me from in the house.

Belonging in OSHC

Belonging is the feelings of connectedness, acceptance and inclusion all mixed together. We know we belong when we feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable in our environment. At YMCA our children don’t just attend an OSHC service, they belong to one! We strive to ensure each child has a sense of belonging the minute they enter our wonderful service.

Understanding the Rights of Our Children

In 2014 the Children’s Rights Report was released by the National Children’ Commissioner. It reviewed how Australia as a nation responds to and meets the needs of young people and children. This report uses the United Nations convention on the rights of the child as a guideline to assess how the Australian Government is ensuring the basic human rights of all children.

YMCA OSHC Programming

YMCA Outside School Hours Care Service provide and plan for their very own unique Individual Program . With this in mind that their Curriculum decision making is aligned within the National Quality Framework and My time Our Place principles and practices for school age children.

Parents as Role Models

Ever heard of the sayings “Father like son”, “She lives up to the family name”, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, all these sayings infer that children will turn out like their parents.

The Importance of Play in Children's Development

Play is an important part of a child’s learning as different characteristics of play are associated with each of the cognitive stages of development.

Benefits of Reading to Grow Creativity

Which book as a child sticks out most in your memory? Who would be your favourite character to dress up as during book week?

Homework in OSHC

Homework for anyone in school no matter the age or grade is always an important part of school life.

A Big Step for Everyone

With the start of the New Year, many parents would have experienced the uncertainty of how to adjust when your little one starts school and the flood of emotions that comes with it.

Children's Free Choice During OSHC

“Each child’s agency is promoted, enabling them to make choices and decisions and to influence events and their world.” My Time Our Place, framework for Outside School Hours Care.

Casey, A YMCA OSHC Inspired Leader

YMCA Inspired Leaders is a four day long residential leadership and personal development program. It is run by the YMCA which aims to build strong and effective community change makers.

Phys Ed for Children - How Much & Why

I remember frequently being told by my parents when younger, “you should be outside getting some fresh air and playing” My thought was they were trying to get rid of me from in the house. Little did I know then they were actually looking after my health and physical wellbeing. Now being older and wiser I can totally understand.

Hygiene Practices at OSHC

Good hygiene practices can prevent the spread of infection and disease which has the potential to spread very quickly if not contained and managed correctly. To maintain a high standard of hygiene practices, firstly requires educating staff on policies and procedures and the importance of following these guidelines.

Middle Years Development and the Importance of Creating Rapport and Relationships

Adolescence is a distinctive developmental stage of life. Children face significant physical, social emotional and cognitive growth and development through the transition from childhood to young adulthood.

Why Should Children Play More?

Children learn so much from play; it teaches them social skills such as sharing, taking turns, self discipline and tolerance of others.

The Benefits of Outside School Hours Care

With more parents needing to work full time, the need for before and after school care and vacation care is becoming increasingly popular.

Are We Overreacting to the Reactions of Anaphylaxis?

“Is it really that necessary to be nut-free at OSHC?” This is a common phrase I have heard being used amongst families on several occasions. I will let you be the judge of that question.

Moral Development Through Graphic Morals

Can the use of comics help to introduce moral concepts to improve the development of a student’s ethical behaviour in a primary school setting?

YMCA and P&Cs QLD Partner to Provide High Quality Outside School Hours Care

From 1 July 2014 YMCA and P&Cs Qld will partner to bring the best Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service to state schools across Queensland. The move is as a result of the identification of a common vision to provide a safe and fun environment for children outside of regular school hours.

The Educator Role in Shaping Experiences at YMCA OSHC

Child care professionals play a very important role in shaping children experiences. YMCA Brisbane Outside School Hours Care is about creating endless experiences for children and this includes art, craft, sports, games, cooking and other leisure activities.

Additional Needs - How and Why we Incorporate Them into Our Program

Every person is born with a purpose and the ability to contribute to society in one way or another. It is inevitable that some have more needs than others.