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31 March 2020

Blog - The Importance of Play in Children's Development

Play is an important part of a child’s learning as different characteristics of play are associated with each of the cognitive stages of development. The key role of play is for practising and as...
31 March 2020

Blog - Why Should Children Play More?

Children learn so much from play; it teaches them social skills such as sharing, taking turns, self discipline and tolerance of others. Children’s lives are enhanced by playing creatively and by ...
31 March 2020

Blog - A Big Step for Everyone

Starting school is a big step for a child, there is a ‘new setting with more children, new rules & routines’ all of which can be scary for children but worrying for the parents. Along with th...
31 March 2020

Blog - Parents as Role Models

Ever heard of the sayings “Father like son”, “She lives up to the family name”, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, all these sayings infer that children will turn out like their parents....
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