Food & Nutrition - Outside School Hours Care

YMCA OSHC - Food & Nutrition

The YMCA recognises that good nutrition is critical for optimal growth, activity and learning. We incorporate positive learning experiences into meal and snack times where good nutritional food habits are developed in an inclusive, fun, happy, social and culturally diverse environment.

Our OSHC service plays an important role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity to children in our care, while providing an environment that fosters a positive healthy lifestyle. We recognise a healthy diet can improve behaviours critical to educational success and performance within the school setting.

YMCA OSHC implements ‘Physical Activity and Nutrition Outside of School Hours’ (PANOSH) into day-to-day practice and adheres to the ‘Smart Choices - Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools’.

Our menus includes a variety of toasts including, wholemeal and raisin with a selection of jams and spreads. During each week on selected days our team members cater for additional menu options; these additional menu choices can include, but are not limited to: Banana and Yoghurt Muffins, Corn Ham and Noodle Omelette, English Muffin Pizza, Vegetable Pikelets and Bacon and Egg Wraps