Our Teams

YMCA OSHC - Our Teams

YMCA OSHC is committed to ensuring that all team members current and future are YMCA fit, have appropriate qualifications and comply with the National Quality Framework. Our rigorous recruitment processes are complimented by comprehensive governance systems to ensure OSHC team members meet all compliance requirements. We have established a highly capable workforce, committed to actively modelling positive behaviours and values for all children in our care.

YMCA OSHC team members demonstrate a shared commitment to fostering professional, harmonious relationships amongst themselves and with children to ensure the environment meets the play and care needs for school age children.

Our team members understand that to be successful and achieve the highest of service standards, everyone communicates openly, shares knowledge, embraces diversity and demonstrates mutual respect and professional ethics..

The safeguarding of children and young people in care is our highest priority. YMCA OSHC team members are trained and committed to meet legal and moral obligations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children participating in our services.