YMCA Childcare

Family Day Care

Family Day Care services select and support quality child care educators to provide high quality child care in their own homes for other people's children. Family Day Care provides your child with care in a small group setting, and a family environment.

Family Day Care has the capacity to provide flexible care to meet the diverse needs of today’s modern workforce. This includes all-day care, part-time, casual, before and after school care, and care during school holidays. Some educators may offer extended, overnight or weekend care for parents who are "on call" or work shifts.

Children attending YMCA family day care are provided with opportunities to:

  • Learn and develop new skills and interests
  • Participate in a supportive, caring and encouraging environment
  • Contribute their ideas and opinions to the program in ways that are valued and respected
  • Build self-confidence, a positive identity and social skills
Access to government assistance for fee reductions is available through our family day care services.