You’ll love the way they grow at YMCA Child Care

With over 40 years of experience, our child care services paint a bright future for little minds. Through play-based learning, our enthusiastic educators provide quality care that helps children grow into happy, healthy, confident kids.

Here at the YMCA, community is our commodity. Our staff are truly passionate about helping your child grow. We believe it’s important to create a familiar environment and safe space for your children to learn, explore and play. Our understanding of each unique child helps us to provide excellent care day in, day out. 

My Son has been going there for close to 6 months and we love it. His speech, social skills have fantastically improved as well he learnt so much! He loves the garden, baking and the helicopter! Teachers have all been so helpful to me! Lots of care taken.

Rikki-lee Falknau, Parent

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Learning in the Physical Environment

The learning environment plays an important role in the development of children. All children develop at their own pace regardless of age, abilities and strengths.

Belonging in OSHC

Belonging is the feelings of connectedness, acceptance and inclusion all mixed together. We know we belong when we feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable in our environment. At YMCA our children don’t just attend an OSHC service, they belong to one! We strive to ensure each child has a sense of belonging the minute they enter our wonderful service.

Parents as Role Models

Ever heard of the sayings “Father like son”, “She lives up to the family name”, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, all these sayings infer that children will turn out like their parents.