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About Us

YMCA Child Care has been at the heart of Australian communities for more than 40 years. Our first Early Learning Service opened in Brisbane in 1977, when The Y identified a need for child care that focused on helping children grow in body-mind-spirit.

Our vision today is to see your children grow into happy, healthy, confident young people. We know that every child and every family is different. The Y is one of the only organisations that offers a comprehensive range of child care services to suit all families’ needs, including:

Caring for kids is in Y DNA

Our child care services are part of The Y Brisbane (formerly known as The YMCA of Brisbane) – the world’s largest youth organisation. As a not for profit, the money we make is invested back into our services to ensure they are always of the highest quality and standard to support your child’s education and the communities in which we work.

“Can we stay five more minutes?”

Going to YMCA Child Care means being a part of The Y family. Our sense of community ensures every child and parent feels a sense of belonging when they walk (or crawl) through our doors. Our passionate staff are the reason YMCA children love to learn, play and grow. Many of our staff have been with the Y for years, and play a key role in creating a safe, familiar and nurturing environment.

Our values are life lessons

Honesty, Respect, Caring and Responsibility guide us in all we do. As an organisation, these values help us make the best decisions for children, parents and the community.

We teach these values to children through our everyday care. Children learn the importance of Respect through sharing with others, using their manners and following rules. They learn about Caring when they connect with their peers and begin to consider other’s emotions. They develop Responsibility as they are given small jobs like washing paintbrushes or watering the garden. They practice Honesty when educators encourage them to admit their mistakes and learn how to say sorry.

Safeguarding Children

The YMCA is very proud to have achieved accreditation as a child safe organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation, following an independent and comprehensive review of our organisational policies and procedures. The program is a unique voluntary accreditation scheme for organisations who have a duty of care to children and young people whilst delivering a service or activity to them and/or their families. The program systematically builds the capacity of organisations to keep children and young people safe from abuse.