Early Learning Centre

  • Address

    27 Dixon St, Strathpine QLD 4500

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  • Opening hours

    Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

    We are open 52 weeks of the year, catering for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.

  • Contact Information

    07 3205 7333
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Strathpine Child Care Centre

We know that choosing a child care centre to suit your child and family’s needs is a huge decision. We provide the very best play-based and tailored learning programs for your child to blossom. Our amazing and skilled staff have been nurturing children to reach their full potential for over three decades. Everything we do at Strathpine Child Care Centre focuses on your child’s emotional, social and learning needs. We love to see them grow in confidence and ability - it’s an exciting journey that we enjoy being a part of.

Speak to our friendly staff to secure your child’s place!

Location: Strathpine Child Care Centre is located just five minutes' walk from Strathpine Shopping Centre and is close to nearby transport.

    Strathpine Childcare Features

    • Child Care Subsidy
    • Flexible sessions
    • StoryPark
    • Nutritious home-cooked lunch, morning tea, and afternoon tea
    • Hat and sunscreen
    • Indoor & outdoor playgrounds
    • Play-based learning program
    • Kindergarten program

    Strathpine Daycare Packing List

    We provide a nutritious lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea each day to help give your child the vital energy they need to learn, grow and play. We also provide a hat and sunscreen for outdoor playtime.

    You’ll need to bring along a few essential items including a spare change of clothes plus a water bottle with your child’s name clearly marked on it. Please also provide nappies if needed.

    About YMCA Strathpine Early Learning Centre

    We have a fantastic team of passionate educators and care professionals. Many of our North Brisbane child care staff have worked with us for over 10 years, and we enjoy long-standing connections with local families!

    So that our children, community and staff can better understand Aboriginal culture and heritage, we developed a Reconciliation Action Plan. We also have great links to the community and embrace Aboriginal and Indigenous teaching perspectives.

    Our educators create opportunities for children to explore nature-based learning and focus on Indigenous and cultural programs.

    At YMCA Strathpine Child Care Centre, we have a huge outdoor playground that backs onto bushland. It’s the perfect setting for children to explore and connect with nature. Out in the open-space, children have the freedom to play games, get in lots of exercise and participate in outdoor activities.

    Childcare Fees & Sessions At YMCA Strathpine Early Learning

    YMCA Strathpine Child Care Centre offers quality child care at an affordable price. We invest back into our people and our resources, meaning you get the best quality child care for the fees you pay. The Child Care Subsidy is also available at all of our early learning centres.

    To meet the diverse needs of families, our child care hours are flexible.  You can choose from full-day, nine-hour and 10-hour sessions.

    We Focus On Play-based Learning & Tailored Programs For Children Of Different Ages

    Our Strathpine staff share a vision to give children the very best start on their early learning journey, and believe that a fun, bright and friendly environment helps little minds grow. 

    We adopt the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which was developed by government bodies, early childhood academics and industry experts. Through play-based learning and a welcoming environment, we strengthen your child’s sense of belonging, being and becoming. 

    Every child is unique and special, and we believe in caring for your child based on their individual needs. What’s involved in looking after a newborn and a child in kindergarten is vastly different - and at YMCA Strathpine Child Care Centre we develop unique programs to care for children no matter what stage of life they are at!

    For babies and young children, creating a nurturing experience is our priority. Our staff love to talk and read to your children to help build important pathways in their minds. For older children, we encourage them to explore their imagination, have fun on the playground and get messy in the sandpit! All of these activities allow children to grow in confidence and learn more about themselves.

    When kids make the exciting leap to kindy, connections are built between what children already know and what they’ll need for future learning in school.