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Child Care Subsidy

The Australian Government’s Child Care Subsidy (CCS) provides fee assistance to make child care more affordable for families. YMCA is proud to be an Approved Provider of the Child Care Subsidy for our OSHC and Long Day Care Services.

What percentage of the CCS am I entitled to?

The subsidy amount you are entitled to is determined by three factors: combined family income, activity test and child care service type. You must also meet the CCS Eligibility requirements determined by Centrelink.

Your CCS Subsidy amount is allocated by Centrelink.

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YMCA Child Care does not exceed the hourly rate cap, meaning you’ll be able to claim a percentage of the full hourly rate.

Annual Subsidy Cap

For families earning over $188,163 as a combined family income*, there is an Annual CCS Cap pf $10,373 per child. When a family reaches this cap amount, CCS will no longer apply for the remainder of the financial year.

(*) Current for the 20/21 Financial Year

Withholding Payments

The amount paid to the Approved Provider will be 5% less than the CRN Holders CCS Entitlements. This is withheld to avoid families incurring a debt at the end of the Financial Year. When the family completes their Tax Return for the Financial Year any offset amounts will be reconciled. Furthermore, if a family has a debt with Centrelink, Centrelink may use the families CCS Payments to recoup the debt through the Approved Provider.

How do I apply?

You can apply for the child care subsidy online through your Centrelink account on myGov.