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Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre

Secure your child’s place at our high-quality Early Learning centre in Acacia Ridge and equip them with the love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre

Our beautiful centre is located within walking distance of shops and public transport, and is conveniently situated right in the heart of the Acacia Ridge Business Precinct.

Our amazing Acacia Ridge early learning team are all about creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for your child to truly grow and thrive in. Our outstanding play-based and tailored learning programs provide an excellent foundation for your child’s first learning steps. We create endless opportunities to encourage interests, creativity and learning experiences that help guide your child to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re only just welcoming your child into the world or helping them prepare for school, YMCA Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre is the perfect place to play, learn and grow.

Our staff knows that transitioning to school is a big step and love providing a vibrant learning, social and emotional environment to get your child started on their schooling journey.

    Early Learning Fees at Acacia Ridge

    We truly value caring for your children and you as a client and endeavour to keep our fees at a price that you can afford. Our fees are fundamental for providing you with experienced and qualified educators and quality resources. Early Learning fees at our Acacia Ridge Centre vary based on the age of the child and selected session. We offer a full-day session, 9-hour session, 10-hour session and 6-hour session to suit families' diverse needs.

    Please Create An Account To Begin Your Enrolment Process

    All enrolments are managed through a system called My Family Lounge. We want to make sure your enrolment is as quick and smooth as possible - if you have any questions about registering for an account or managing your exisiting account, please contact your Service Director.

    About YMCA Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre

    Our exceptional team at YMCA Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre is one big, happy, multicultural family!  Our experienced staff come from many countries including the Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, the Philippines, Pakistan and Australia. This means that your child will enjoy a richly diverse and multicultural learning experience at our Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre.

    As early learning educators, we know that children can benefit from sharing the customs of other countries. International food days are a regular event on our calendar, and you’ll often find parents cooking up a cultural storm for one of our themed food days. We also read books, sing songs and share stories in celebration of diversity and many different cultures that make up Australia.

    We have provided early learning child care support and expertise to Acacia Ridge families for 40 years, and our amazing Director Renata has been a familiar face at the centre for more than 20 years.

    The outdoor play area and ‘musical sandpit’ are the perfect setting for children to explore and create their very own musical masterpiece. Our educators provide endless opportunities for children to explore their sense of sound, art, music and other fun and interactive experiences.

    Through our partnership with YMCA Gymnastics, we provide children with regular KinderGym lessons - an easy class to let kids unleash their imagination and learn simple gymnastics skills.

    Acacia Ridge Early Learning Facilities

    At our early learning centre we offer:

    • Child Care Subsidy
    • Flexible sessions
    • StoryPark online
    • Home-cooked, nutritious meals
    • Sunscreen
    • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
    • A play-based learning program

    Get Ready Every Day For Early Learning

    This check-list has you covered for what to bring for your child to Acacia Ridge. Each child is wonderfully unique, so adapt this list to meet your child’s needs and age. Please clearly label all items to avoid them ending up in the lost property.

    • Always pack a spare change of clothes and some sheets for rest time.
    • Pack a bottle for formula or water and two pieces of fruit.
    • Depending on your child’s age, you’ll also need to pack some nappies (we generally suggest 6-7 nappies per day)
    • Don’t forget to pack your child’s comforter if they have one!

    Download YMCA Acacia Ridge Early Learning Centre Family Handbook

    This Family Handbook will give you an insight into some experiences your child will have at our centre and what to expect in the year ahead.

    It is also filled with useful and relevant information regarding everyday processes and procedures. Some of the topics covered include:

    • Enrolment and transition
    • Bookings, changes to bookings, and absences
    • Fees and overdue fees
    • Staffing and child protection
    • Programs and activities
    • Food and nutrition

    Should you have any questions along the way, our Director is happy to discuss with you.