Dropping off and picking up your kids from school can be tricky when you are juggling work commitments, appointments and other life circumstances. The YMCA Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) provides fun, stimulating and safe care for primary and secondary school children before and after school. At out of school hours care, children have the opportunity to participate in cooking, sport, music, art and fun education activities.

YMCA Outside School Hours Care is offered in over 40 government and specialist schools in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas – and growing! We collaborate with schools and parents and citizens' associations (P&C) to run before and after school care on or close to school grounds.

The Outside of School Hour Care service is supported by YMCA Brisbane, a trusted not-for-profit organisation with more than 155 years of experience supporting families and children in Australia. We are proud to deliver quality care programs to help children grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Our Out Of School Hours Care Services

Before and After School Care

YMCA before and after school care services are conveniently located on or near school grounds, ensuring student safety when moving from one place to another. We offer a diverse range of games and activities for your children to enjoy, make friends and learn.

Vacation Care

Our unique programs during school holidays help children learn about their world and develop a sense of self, all while having fun-filled moments and unforgettable experiences. Child care fee assistance can be applied to all of our vacation care programs.

Outside School Hours Care Programs & Activities

Our team of experienced OSHC educators develop creative, interesting and entertaining activities for each day of before school care and after school care. With a mix of planned and free play activities, children have the opportunity to choose what appeals to them and also try new things. Kids are free to join in on group activities or do their own thing We encourage children to take responsibility for their experiences at OSHC, and work to create a sense of belonging, comfort and leadership.

Supervised activities at our Brisbane locations include, but are not limited to:

  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Arts and Craft
  • Music and Singing
  • Outdoor and Indoor Sports
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Reading and Homework
  • Small & Large Group Games

YMCA OSHC activities are aligned with YMCA’s mission: to provide opportunities for children to grow in body, mind and spirit – underpinned by our values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. We blend this philosophy with the National Quality Framework educational principles to develop engaging activities for children in our care.

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    YMCA OSHC School Partnership

    Some of our valued schools who trust us with Outside School Hour Care service delivery