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Our Approach

Our Learning Program

Our early learning educators design our dynamic and inspiring program. The program is based on the knowledge that every child is unique, and we help all kids learn at their own pace. We believe there are five core elements that make up the perfect early learning experience: a strong curriculum, nurturing staff, well-designed setting, excellent play and educational resources and little minds ready to learn. At the YMCA, you’ll love the way they grow.

Whether your child is six weeks old or transitioning to school, every second of the day they are learning more about the world they live in. Our play-based learning curriculum focuses on allowing children to ‘learn in action’. Play-based learning encourages children to use their imagination - the best way to learn is through exploration -drawing, digging, splashing, creating, role-playing, singing, crafting and more!

You'll Love The Way They Grow.

The Early Years Learning Framework

We base our child care programs on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to give children the best start in life. Under the framework, we foster children’s sense of belonging, being and becoming.


Everyone needs to feel like they belong somewhere. We create a safe, welcoming and friendly environment that all children feel they are a part of. By belonging to our Y family, children feel confident to branch out and make friends, explore their interests and develop natural talents.


Child care often focuses on learning skills for the next stage of life. While this is important, kids also need time to just be kids. ‘Being’ focuses on letting children be themselves. Children at the Y are supported to learn at their own pace, and we celebrate everyone’s successes no matter how big or small.


Our role as educators for your children is to help them discover their potential. ‘Becoming’ balances out ‘being’. The best early learning allows children to be themselves but also helps them prepare for the future. Our curriculum and play-based learning provide them with the foundations they’ll need to become inquisitive learners.

Because Why?

The three Bs of the Early Learning Framework have five key learning outcomes:

  • Children discover a sense of identity.
  • Children feel connected to, and interact with, the world around them.
  • Children develop a strong sense of wellbeing. 
  • Children become capable and hands on learners.
  • Children know how to communicate with others.

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