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Learning Program

Why is learning during early years important?

From the moment a child is born, they start learning. What a child learns in the first few years of their life will set them up for primary school, high school and eventually the adult world. Children need early learning to develop essential skills they'll use for the rest of their life, from learning how to socialise with others to learning how to solve problems.

You'll Love The Way They Grow.

Discovery and learning at different ages

Infants (6 weeks to 1 year old)

We care for your precious baby like our own child. We shower babies in our nursery program with attention and make them feel at home in the arms of our experienced educators.

Our nursery program aims to create a routine for babies including establishing eat, sleep and play patterns.

So that we can stimulate your baby’s mind, our educators are often talking and singing to them and playing games with infants in our care. At four months, babies start mimicking sounds and actions. We mirror their actions by making sounds, laughing and reading bright pictures books to them.

Toddlers (Age 1 to 2)

We love seeing your child’s personality shine in our toddlers program. Between age one and two, we see children become really curious about the world around them. It’s an exciting time as toddlers learn to walk and speak.

Our program is designed to captivate toddlers’ imaginations and help them learn through fun activities. We run language and reading classes, where toddlers will learn new words and start to say two or three-word phrases.

Toddlers in our program become better listeners, and start to develop connections with others.

Pre-Kindy (Age 2 to 3)

Between age two and three, children are rapidly learning everyday skills they need in life. Their memory recognition starts to develop as children recognise objects and begin to count.

Through story time, play activities and free play, children in pre-kindy will learn how to share, interact with peers and problem solve.

Our educators will lead your child through fun activities like singing, dancing and make-believe play, which help grow your child’s physical skills and creativity. They’ll get to explore the world through jumping, climbing and playing on equipment.

Our team also provides expert support with toilet training to help flush out those bathroom nerves!

Kindy (Age 3 to 5)

Our kindergarten program uses fun and play to teach children essential social and emotional skills. Even if you’ve never attended child care before, most children go to Kindergarten as a fun first step into education.

Through play-based learning and hands-on lessons, children will develop their reading, writing, math, science and art knowledge. Some activities they might get up to include science experiments, painting, counting lessons, gymnastics classes, name writing, singing and outdoor play.

At kindy, children work on their social skills and become real ‘chatter boxes’ through talking to peers, working together and telling stories.

We love seeing children become more independent during this time. With support, they’re able to use the toilet. Children start eating and drinking independently and will be able to communicate what they’d like to have.

Our kindergarten program will help them discover more about themselves and equip them with the skills they need for prep.