YMCA Childcare

Outside School Hours Care

Our approach to Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is to provide a high quality environment that is safe and gives children the opportunity to learn and play. YMCA Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care programs and activities are aligned with the YMCA mission, to provide opportunities for all people to grow in body, mind and spirit.

Our Services offer a wide range of fun, stimulating and appropriate programs that reflect real world experiences and home settings. This helps encourage a sense of community amongst the children, facilitates leadership skills development and allows your children to practice social skills in a supported caring environment.

School and College communities can take comfort in knowing that their OSHC Service is supported by a long standing, respected and quality focused not-for-profit organisation which has supported families for 150 years.

Programs and Activities

YMCA OSHC plans and activities are aligned with the YMCA mission – to provide opportunities for children to grow in body, mind and spirit – underpinned by our values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility. We blend this philosophy with the National Quality Framework ‘My Time Our Place’ educational principles to develop appropriate and engaging activities for children in our care.

YMCA OSHC teams are committed in developing programs and plans tailored to individual needs, taking into consideration:

  • Your Schools Community
  • Your Children’s Needs and Interests
  • Cultural and Socio Economic Demographics
  • Disability and Additional Needs Requirement

We take a collaborative approach to establish and implement each activity in order to engage children and allow them to take ownership of the program which creates a sense of comfort and belonging. This is another area where our OSHC service provides a different complimentary alternative to the school environment. We aim to ensure programs develop organically and reflect the individual and group interests of your children. Supervised activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Arts and Craft
  • Music and Singing
  • Outdoor and Indoor Sport
  • Puzzles and Games

School Partnerships

We understand that the strength of our ability to provide high quality care is based on the collaborative working relationship we develop with schools. Being part of your school community is a very rewarding experience, not only our organisation as a whole, but more so for our team members who are the heartbeat of our service. From experience we have found that our team members gain a stronger sense of pride and achievement in their work, resulting in increased personal growth, longevity and consistent delivery of a high quality service.

Monthly reporting is an important part of our service Coordinators role and is given a high priority. Our report includes information such as, but not limited to: attendance levels, special events, team member updates, equipment / resource purchases and wider YMCA news. With prior permissions obtained, we can also include photos for social media and school website use. YMCA OSHC works in collaboration with your school to ensure what you want to know is communicated each month.

Our service Coordinator prepares a detailed monthly report delivered to your Principal and P&C Committee during the first week of each month for the preceding month.